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Efland: ART & COGNITION: Integrating the visual art in the curriculum


Hi everyone, this day, wednesday, APRIL 24, 2017, exactly on 6.00 p.m, I had present the Arthur Efland ART and COGNITION: Integrating the visual art in the curriculum (2002). I had found a paper  and a book which discuss about this topic. So here, I used prezi for my digital presentation and I’d explore a new thing. Thank you to Dr Syamsul Nor Azlan for asking me to explore another software than microsoft powerpoint.


My understanding about work art as a context-bound is just like:

* people must had knowledge to create an artwork, why?

-Because artwork is something to be valued, to be critic, yeah I’m agreed within fact

An artwork must used bright color, beautiful texture, and had a very detailing line”

BUT what if  there’s no symbolic for something or maybe using the wrong symbol? Is that good? so the conclusion, an artist must have knowledge. Remember! artwork is like window of heart, they can revealed how intellectual you are? how good you do manipulation? how was your personality? there’s just like a mirror to yourself.


What as Efland stated above is about to maintain the visual art in school due to lifelong learning process, reduces stress and exposed student’s talent. Adding that, art actually good for Malaysian due to our multicultural people , we can learn another culture and custom so that’s show how we tolerated each other.


Frome statement above, we learned something from the experience such as what our mother taught how to cooked Green Peas soup. I had two perception when I observed how my mom and my friend served them. My mom had a lot of steps to follow but my friend just skipped those steps and make it more easy. In the result, they was different in taste and since that, I forced myself to learn from mom even my mom so fierce.hehe


There are four things that Efland’s highlight in his theory which are general cognitive development, integration if knowledge through the arts,imagination in cognition and aesthetic experience. The specific detail have been attached below.





According to Efland, he had develop relevant symbol from theory of learning in term of constructivist. Through my understanding, I create one artwork that showed myself.


I did present this as my visual symbolism. I had developed my own symbolism as well as batik bird, alphabets doodle, pictures and portrait.


Here, I’d love to shared one of inspiring movie entitled “Taare Zameen par”. This movie shows how dyslexia student’s suffered and survived around normal student, no one understand him even his family nor teachers. But one day, an art teacher had come and teach them till he success. I attached one of imaginations of Ishaan  (dyslexia student) when he looking for answer of a questions.



Imagination that I understand here is about one symbol for something such as dove, symbol for freedom but in the other hand, its symbol for peace.


In this case, the artwork above shows a dove in the cage and her leg was tied by gold ring, while observation happen, the cage has no lock so the dove can go anywhere unless she had a gold ring in her leg that not let her leaved. this is show how artist create the story in one piece of paper without lots of supporting images. Even color played the role in this story. 13

Aesthetic experience here refer to what the sweet memories that we remember the most and how to portray them in visual? Here I attached the batik drawing, for sentences people, that just batik motifs, no more than that but it’s totally wrong! batik was not just a batik, they had their own meaning, their own story. i did explain in my presentation about the meaning of motifs and batik philosophy.

IMG_20170416_211204 1415

Dilubuk sepi kehidupan,, Hadirnya suria keazaman,, Mengundang sinar harapan,, Memancarkan cahaya iltizam… semua itu hadir dari pengalaman,, sepanjang perjalanan menempuh rantaian perantauan…. Yang tersembunyi diungkai,, Yang berlingkar dilandai,, Yang berketul dicanai,, dan yang lurus diserabai… Itulah hakikat,,Kehidupan bukan sekadar darjat,, Malahn hadir mengundang berkat,, Secarik pengalaman mencipta manfaat,, Seulas kesedihan menyulam afiat,, Carilah kekuatan pemberi syafaat,, bukan maksiat pencetus makrifat… sedarlah insan,,bangkitlah teman…. Ingatlah sesaat,,dari mana kita datang Dan disanalah kita harus pulang…. PENGLIPUR SURI